When people go to tiolet : The PEE and ???????

I use the word PASSING MOTION as I read it on a toilet deodrant product!
I'm not sure if u guys know what i'm talking about (It may sound rude but what i was talking about is to *** / Passing motion in the toilet Emotion: stick out tongue)

I'm hoping that someone can tell me the exact word to use as sometimes i heard the Americans call it POO or something like that on tv Emotion: stick out tongue
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We urinate and defecate, Mike. The doctor will ask you if you had a bowel movement and enquire about the consistency of the stool.

Beyond that, you can pee and poo(p)-- and you're on your own in choosing any slangier vocabulary.
Poo works in English and American. Everyone will understand and it's not rude (although you might not want to use the word in polite company). In England, sometimes we refer to a wee as "a number one" and a poo as "a number two". "I'm going for a number one". But it's more polite to be unspecific and say "I'm just going to the men's room / ladies room".

If you want to be rude/amusing you can say "I'm just going to inspect the plumbing". Or (very rude) I'm going to point Percy at the porcelain".
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I'd be very wary of using 'poo' or 'pee'. They sound like children's words to me; esp. 'poo'.

Curious that we should feel the need to announce our intention to defecate or urinate, when leaving the table for a moment.

MrP (no pun intended)
MrP (no pun intended)

LOL LOL LOL. (Lai isn't that much better in Chinese, haha.)

I sometimes overhear mothers tell their children, "it is time to go potty."

Of course, men somtimes say things like "taking a ***" or "taking a ***".

-Blushing Lai

The British also say, "I am going to see a man about a dog" when they want to go to "loo" to defecate.
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***???? ***??? Could you just write the ACTUAL word? heheh because I want to learn LOL Emotion: stick out tongue not just guessing Emotion: stick out tongue Thanks Emotion: stick out tongue
Hello, Mike,

*** stands for "leak", I don't know the other one.
By the way, would you please stop writing in capitals? And one question mark is enough, you know...Emotion: smile
OKEmotion: smile
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