Hello, I am in grade 10 academic english, but I am beggining to think I don't belong in it Emotion: stick out tongue

So anyways, we had to read a short story call the Skating party, by Merna Summers. Now we must do a characterization of a character named Uncle Nathan. I am still unclear of what I can use as character traits, I know we cannot do phisical traits so I have been brain storming some traits but it is quite hard to do it for a character I know so little about. I need to know a few things, can I use "Feels Guilty" as a trait? Because all his life he has felt guilty because he had the chance to save the life of his fiance, but he didn't and he feels guilty. Or is there a better word for this? Thanks for the help!
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The best way to write something about a character is to examine the way he acts socially. When he is talking to somebody, it has to reveal a small part of his personality. I haven't read the story, but I would like to know what it is about, then maybe I can offer some more relevant help.
for character traits you can use character's qualities..like;he was a cheat, or liar.or guilter...
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I am also in grade 10 academic english and i have to write a newspaper article about this story.
i didnt read it and dont know what to do.
The first thing you should do is read it.

he is confused, wishing for something better
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I am in the same situation and there is upsettingly no useful information about The Skating Party online, I need help with my report but the story is'nt eveen on the internet. NOT EVEN A LIST OF EVENTS OR CHARACTERS!

It's a short story. Why can't you write your own list of characters?


This Clive person is one hell of a smarty

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