Farming methods utilizing genetic modification should be encouraged for widespread use among farmers because of their obvious benefits. To begin with, gm technology enhance the endurance and resistance in crops. Not only can gm crops resist to diseases and insects but they are also able to withstand weather extremes and fluctuations. Therefore, the consumption of synthetic chemical substances is limited which means that crops produced are much healthier and more environmentally friendly, compared to the conventional technique's produce. Transgenic plants have been proved to be more nutritious than the traditional ones. To be specific, that GMOs have been engineered to become more nutrient-rich in terms of vitamin and mineral content has helped people get sufficient nutrients. Moreover, this kind of cultivation method also plays a significant role in fighting against malnutrition in third-world countries thanks to the nutritional value it bring about. Opponents of genetic alteration technology may argue that the complicated, costly manufacturing process and lengthy shipping route of it will raise economic concerns, especially in small countries. While that may be the case, it is irrefutable that genetically modified crops are so strong that they can produce crop yields despite marginal conditions. The higher the productivity is, the more profit the farmers make; hence, contributing to the development of that country's agriculture and economy. To sum up, genetic modification is advantageous; thus, should be widely employed.


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