Hi! I have this homework

Choose the correct form to complete the sentence

1. This time tomorrow I will sing / will be singing at the club.
2. By the time they open, she will shop / will be shopping in a different store.
3.I am going to speak / will be speaking with Mr. Smith by the time you arrive.
4.Harry says he won't wait / won't be waiting for you if you arrive late.
5. I will think/will be thinking about your offer.

I'm confused in sentences 1, 4 and 5 because both options seem to be right... in sentence 5 I think the right is will think, however I'm not sure... help me please!
All of these are correct, depending on the context and on the intended meaning.

Thse kind of exercises should really use the instuction 'Choose the answer that is correct grammar and that you are most likely to hear.'

Best wishes, Clive
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Well, the exercise doesn't mention if both options in some sentences could be right, it just provides an example

Choose the correct form to complete the sentence

. I will watch/will be watching a movie when you come home tonight

So I think I'll tell my teacher that both options could be right for 1, 4 and 5 Emotion: big smile
As you wish. Include 2 and 3, if you want to.