Hello All,

I am about to launch a new HRMS ( Humar Resources ) product for small and medium companies shortly. We planned to give the name Empower and started the website as well with the same name. URL - For Empower but found that there are companies existing with the same name in USA, Middle East and Australia.

The first product is going to be for HR domain, followed by applications for Finance, Marketing, Sales, Project Management etc in future . I would like to keep the same name for the company and the product. To give little more thought, its about simplyfying the workforce by using this analytics/business intelligence software.

I would like to keep a simple and easy English name as I plan to market this worldwide with the same name.Can have the following :

-Easy to remember
-good rhym(echo)

I am happy if someone can suggest me some good words.
Thanks in advance.
Do you want to stick with similar words/ideas?--

Power Plant (I like this one.)
Soft Force
Soft Staff
Softworks (I like this too, but I'll bet the domain is already taken.)
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Thank you.

But Empower and M-Power has the same rhyming and I cannot use .
Why not? Search engines don't pronounce words.
I agree with you on - "Search engines don't pronounce words" but it would be a problem in United States, I believe the law is strict and I do not want to fight and waste time while forming a new company there Emotion: smile

The word can be a noun or verb like we thought Empower , or can be short form like we have for IBM/HP etc. It would be good if we can convey the message that its all about business intelligence/finance/hr/ analytics.
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