Can anybody say the correct difference between SOUL and SPIRIT.

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Since there's no proof that either exists, this falls into the realm of a religious question. IMHO.
That would need a philosophical answer! :-)
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I guess that we can solve such a problem by considereing them Synonyms.

So there is no difference.

for me they are the same.a man who is alive has a soul,which means spirit.otherwise you can not explain the structural difference between an alive person and a dead.
"Soul" refers almost always to an individual, whereas "spirit" is more global and can be used to refer to energies outside an individual or a specific entity. For instance, you are more likely to encounter a "spirit" or "ghost" in a haunted house. You can't really encounter a "soul" in such a place. You may encounter a "lost soul" or the "lost soul of Alice's husband," but again it's refering to an individual. Another example might be God's "spirit" is with you. It would sound weird to say that His "soul" is with you. Still another example is that "spirit" refers to lively activity; for example, "She has a lot of spirit." This would mean that she's energictic and enthusiastic. If you say "She has a lot of soul" you would mean that she is kind and caring.

I hope that helps.

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thx,I got it
yes, it's very interesting and u explained it very well, although it's not so easy to do it!
SOUL has four l e t t e r s; SPIRIT has six...
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