Hi there

I just found out my website content has been duplicated in Search Engine http://www.dmaireroa.com using http://www.copyscape.com/?results . As you can see, I posted my content here to have it proof read, and then used the proof readed content to my website portfolio. I tried to delete some of my threads but can not find an option on doing this. Google doesn't like duplication and will penalize your website, which means you can drop in search rank. Damn! I'm not sure what to do here, I want to improve my writing skills and have my content proof read everytime, but unfortunately when I take the proof readed content from here, and use it on my personal website, then it is counted as a content duplication.

I tried to delete my threads, but can not find an option on doing this. I am trying to improve SEO for my web portfolio, but if worse comes to worse then I will have to find another way of avoiding this duplication Emotion: sad

Any suggestions?

Hope I'm making sense to you.

CHEERS Emotion: smile
Hello Buck,

Sorry, but there is nothing to be done at this late date– it would be unfair to those who took the time to help you and to other members who may benefit from those reviews.

Please note the commonsense warning which we have posted: [url=http://www.EnglishForward.com/English/ImportantNoticeEssayistsOther-WritersRead/bdngq/post.htm ] DO NOT include information which you do not wish millions of visitors from the World Wide Web to read[/url].
Hi MM how's it going my friend.

Your absolutely right, I gave it some thought after I posted this topic and would seem unfair for those who helped me out, like yourself and plus would definitely benefit others Emotion: smile.

I just have to think of another way of having my content proof read without any duplication, so Google can't penalize me again Emotion: thinking. When it seems impossible, there is always a way Emotion: wink.

Cool! Will have put on my thinking halo on and then work my magic Emotion: big smile.