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Denise- the niece
Denephew- the nephew

This is really funny
Anwser: niece and nephew ( Duh Neese and Duh Nephew )
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denephew meaning de nephew as denise would of been de neice as there his niece and nephew, if that makes sense
Denise = De niece, Denephew = De nephew. Denephew isn't a real name but the kids would be the brother's niece and nephew.
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its De Nephew, like in French and it's translated, its The Nephew. De Nice- De Niece - The Niece. get it?
your a loser neice and nephew
Since the brother named the children, to him they are "The niece" and "The nephew".

Although Denise is an ordinary name, it also sounds like "De niece". The joke is revealed when the boy's name, "Denephew", is given - now we see that "Denise" was really "Deniece"!
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coz it says de' nice and de' nephew becos the brother who nanmed them is there uncle so that would make them his neice and nephew!!!!!!!!! hahhaha NO!
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