Hey ! Thanks for all, I have an exam on monday ......please help !

A> Oh, excuse me. ____3___?
A>Well, it seems that you've missed a lot of classes already that I'm afraid you may not be able to catch up
B>__5__. But I can't force myself to getup at all.
A>I don't think that's a reasonable excuse. You need to do something to solve this problem.
B>I don't know what to do.__6__?
A> I think you should get an alarm clock or just go to bed earlier, Or else you will have to drop this course.
B>I'll try that.
A> __7__. I don't want to see your face again in Summer Semester, ok ?
Here's the choices...
3 > a. Can you come here ? b. Come here ! c. Could you come here? d. Could I have a word with you ?
4>a what the hell ! b.what can i do for you ? c. What about ? d. What ?
5> a I'm terribly sorry b. Oh c. I'll try that. d. Alright.
6> a What should i do ? b. Can you help me ? c. What do you think ? d. What do you suggest ?
7> a Let's pray. b Let's hope it's over c> Let's hope that's all d> Let's hope that's the end of it.

Thanks for all
Please, first type in your own answer (a, b, c, or d) for each question, then submit your post, and we'll review it. Okay?
Hi Guest,

Davkett wanted you to think about it yourself before asking for help. But since you have an exam tomorrow, though I can't see how this can help you with the exam, here are my choices: 3(d), 4(c), 5(a), 6(d), 7(d).

Be ware, I'm not a native speaker.

Good luck,
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