I am varun from india preparing for entrance examination for masters in business administration.
This particular exam has some questions on finding out the incorrect sentences etc
It has been 5 years after i left my school and i seem to forgotten the grammer jargon.
I just attempt these questions on my experience out of mostly colloquial reading(includes magazines and news papers). I dont attempt these questions using rules like parallelism etc.
Surprisingly, i think that my english grammer is preptty good, but sometimes i do feel that i go wrong because i need those rules at the back of my head as well.
So my accuracy rate is not so good, and thats where i need your help. My tutors have told me that i dont have time to do a grammer book like wren and martin, however i have close to 45 days with me, and i think i can spare some time for this. I feel that revisiting basics is paramount to getting grammer questions right.
Please give me pointers to any resources \ books which can give me revision in right amount of time. I understand that there is no quick fix, however i have to decide on the material depending on time i have.
I would be very very grateful to you for your help. I am stuck at this decision and this is a crucial part of my career. Hoping for a kind response from you.Thanks alot. (Email removed by mod)
Please Dont just view it, give some suggestions, I need your help...
Hi, there are lots of GMAT test books for sale with lots of examples for MBA entrance. Please post specific questions as they come to you.
go through wren & martin for grammar

word power made easy for vocabulary

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I would like to offer my thoughts on your post. Just glancing it quickly without a deep analytical, I think from a professional point of view, you need to pay attention to areas of capitalization, puntuation, spelling, and apostrophe. Grammar takes time to learn and remember. If you've learned it well, it should be retained in your head some place. You just need to retrieve it. But if your grammar was weak and unclear, then a month and a half's time isn't really long enough to allow you to improve. Hope that's useful.