I'm from Belgium and I study German Languages (German & English). And soon...the exams. For English, we had to prepare a "file" with 15 pages of press articles. I've choosen, among others, one about Stanley Kubrick and there're some idioms/words and phrases that I don't understand...

Could you help?

Here they are:

www.msnbc.msn.com/id/7506399/site/newsweek/ (the article)

* What I don't understand: In the second paragraph: "this latest literary WET-KISS to Kubrick is a very heavy book" => Wet-kiss?

* In the 4th. paragraph, "You could use it for a bookmark IF the book didn't already have one of those cloth bookmarks sewn into its spine" => why "if" here? How do you explain? Is it the same here as "although?"

* In the 7th paragraph: "Later Kubrick MOVIES-FROM "2001" ON-MOVIE in GREAT BIG CHUNKS", I don't understand the sense of this phrase.

I hope you can help!Emotion: embarrassed

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What part of Belgium are you from, Mira? Are you French, Dutch or German speaking?
French speaking, I'm from Liège
You're from Belgium too?
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Yeah, Liège too! Used to live place Sylvain Dupuis, near Outremeuse! LOL! (f)
hum Well Emotion: wink I'm from Flemalle but I study in Liege (Ulg)
What do you study?

edit: I've just had a look at your profile, you're in the center of Liège, aren't you? German languages licence? your teachers are in the wake of Nivelle & Simon? i had both of hem, graduated from Ulg uh a long/some time ago... (German major & English)
Who teaches now? Michel? Finck? Aldenhoff must be gone too now... is there still some theater going on?
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Waou, lots of questions... Well I study German languages and I'm in the first BAC (former 1st candi) and I repeat this year ([Emotion: embarrassed] )...I don't know these teachers ... Now I have Mrs Ledent, Pagnoulle, Delville, (English) and for German, Pastor, Gerkens

Do you know them?
Sorry, Mira!
Pagnoulle, I know the name, and Pastor used to be a "lecteur" when I was there; used to have a big hairy dog. I don't know the others. I graduated in about 1976, many things have happened since...
Well, feel free to post any question you have on this board, the mods are very good - and I don't mean me! -
Lol... Pastor is now bald and have a big beard
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Lol, he just used to have a mustache in my days, and he looked a bit like his dog - hairy -

And it's "HAS", not "HAVE", unless he's overweight, which I doubt!
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