I'm from Belgium and I study German Languages (German & English). And soon...the exams. For English, we had to prepare a "file" with 15 pages of press articles. I've choosen, among others, one about Stanley Kubrick and there're some idioms/words and phrases that I don't understand...

Could you help?

Here they are:

www.msnbc.msn.com/id/7506399/site/newsweek/ (the article)

* What I don't understand: In the second paragraph: "this latest literary WET-KISS to Kubrick is a very heavy book" => Wet-kiss?

* In the 4th. paragraph, "You could use it for a bookmark IF the book didn't already have one of those cloth bookmarks sewn into its spine" => why "if" here? How do you explain? Is it the same here as "although?"

* In the 7th paragraph: "Later Kubrick MOVIES-FROM "2001" ON-MOVIE in GREAT BIG CHUNKS", I don't understand the sense of this phrase.

I hope you can help!Emotion: embarrassed

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I'm sure it will, Mira. We keep our fingers crossed!
"American schools have been funded by LOCAL PROPERTY TAXES"

What's that?Emotion: embarrassed
Students: Are you brave enough to let our tutors analyse your pronunciation?
Taxes on property have been raised and the money is used to fund the local schools?
well, it's not important anmore Emotion: smile I took my exam toda and... I PASS!
Congratulations! Now you can help our other members with their English.
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Bravo, Mira!
Congratulations, Mira.[F]