Hi, I am lithuanian student and I wish to apply to UK or USA university. I have to write a reference for my self as oure lectors do not have enought time. Please could you check the reference. Thanks in advanceEmotion: smile

To Whom It May Concern

(Name) was my student for one semester in the course of Management at *** University. As her professor, I have had an opportunity to observe the student’s participation and interaction in class and to evaluate the student’s knowledge of the subject matter. I have rated the student’s overall performance in my subject by 9 points of 10.

The one area in which the student performed above average was in oral communications. During the lectures she was active student and expressed her opinion in different discussions. (Name) is able to team up with a group and work very efficiently. At all times I have found her to be self-confidence and energetic. She is a student of great integrity and is extremely dedicated to studies.

I believe the student would meet the requirements of your University and your staff will have pleasure to work with her as I had. I am sure Juste will be able to adapt in an English speaking environment. In conclusion I highly recommend her to study abroad.

If you would like to discuss this further, please feel free to contact me.

(Name of lector)
I'm doubt anyone will want to help you fake an academic reference!
No, I don't want to make a fake. Just I have to write a reference and then send it to my lector. He will read it and correct it. The lector will sign it if he will support this reference. It is just that they do not have time to sit and to write everything, therefore they ask us to write a framework.