I would like to state that I have a productivity that is born out of good and bad experiences and that grows and expands in the light of my experiences. Who am ı?

At the age of 9, I had not read the storybook, which I had to summarize and only know the name. I had 10 minutes and created a completely different story after looking at and analyzing the pictures. ı gained sugar, but I didn't feel right. After my sister told me that I had been through, she told me that it was a talent, not a mistake. I had gained sugar, but I was not feeling honest, I went to my sister to explain the situation and she told me that it was not wrong it is a talent. later my time to produce stories started.

Then, when I was in middle school, I saw that a fairy tale was interpreted and transferred to the film for the first time. Based on this, I created my snow white and wrote my story about fairy tale princesses not being perfect. then, I was accepted for the spring festival theater by telling my teacher that I wanted to stage my fairy tale, and I was closely interested in costume, decor, makeup, and music that helped me with creativity by preparing meaningful ways to depict the messages in my story. I can say that this was my first directing experience after I told the actors how to play each piece. Finally, we presented the performance we created with my team. Seeing how happy it was to show people my stories at that moment made me understand what I wanted to do for the rest of my life.

During my education process in high school, I was the president of research, presentation, and class. and I participated in many social events. I also worked as a personal assistant for 2 months in a research lab in chemistry class and this taught me to organize.

Of course, I also had the opportunity to work with different people, take part in a team, and learn how to produce together. This is for me

It gave a unique insight into how the academy could be applied to the real world. Besides my education, it was also important that the country was close to me in terms of culture, so I chose south Korea.I got to know a traditional line film and then started my adventure with meeting music, cinema, history.

I love the approach this university adds to art students. The comprehensive learning environment in which both artistic and academic abilities can be developed and, most importantly, encouraging academicians to take full advantage of it shows me that I can find what I want here. In Korea, which is a completely new phase of my life, and at the K-ARTS university, in the next four years; I would like to state that I am enthusiastic about education, I want to take the responsibility required by the lessons with curiosity and desire. I am aware that willingness, careful, and careful work will surely result in success. Therefore, I do not doubt that I can contribute to you with my skills and working discipline. You can also always rely on me for help if you organize any outdoor activities in the future.

Thank you for giving me this opportunity to introduce myself.

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