Can you answer me these sentence for the exam I have for a few days...I am in two minds for some sentences and some I don't know at all...I will be very grateful...I would be the happiest if a teacher answered...Thanks in advance...

1. These days many slums___(demolish) to make way for new buildings.
2. Where___(be)for the last two hours?
3. We__(have) a Tv set__(deliver) next week?
3. My mother___(read) a book on interntional terrorism these days.
4. When the police___(catch) the thief?
5. He___(enter) the room five times since half past eleven.
6. I had to get a new passport as my old one already___(expire).
7. A special or emergency session___(hold) if necessary.
8. I__(have) my hair__(cut) last week.
9. When did you___(buy) the beautiful dress?
10. I didn-t have any choice and I___(must) obey my superiors.
11. Your friend ___(buy) the newspapers regularly?
12. Where you___(be) so far?
13. His new book___(sell out) last week.
14. This time next week I___(sit) on the beach.
15. When he___(read) that book?
16. Students___(enter) the classroom three times since the beginning of the class.
17. What___(do) so far?
18. We were almost late and we___(must) hurry up.
19. What happened next was just what everyone___(fear).
20. Much of London___(destroy) in fire in the XVII century.
21. He___(attend) the classes regularly?
22. __(have) my car__(service) at the momeny.
23. Who___(teach) ethics at your Faculty?
24. He___(may) get fat if he stopped smoking.
25. When the next semester___(start)?
26. Who___(live) next-door?
27. If you had got up earlier you___(catch) the train.
28. My TV___(not repair) yet.
29. I__(have) my TV__(repair) next week.
30. I___(must) pass all the exams till next June.
31. Your mother___(go) to the theatre tonight?
32. The morning newspaper___(not deliver) yet.
33. Their charis___(paint) every year.
34. He told me about the accident only after everything___(settle).
35. I didn't have enough money and I___(must) pay by cheque.
36. If you are studing I___(not come) to you.
37. When you___(buy) that computer?
38. My chair___(not repair) yet.
39. He lost interest in his job since he___(not manage) to obtain promotion.
40. Ten old buildings___(demolish) at the moment.
41. Last week all flights to London___(cancel).
42. I__(have) my TV__(repair) last week.
43. If you see him,___(invite) him to your concert.
44. When your train___(leave)?
45. If I___(win) a big prize in the lottery I'd give up my job.
46. When you___(lose) your index?
47. What___(happen) with my book?
48. Last year all the conferences___(hold) in the main hall.
49. I__(have) my tattoos__(remove) last year.
50. Who___(teach) ethics?
  1. not sure of no.1 but i think it should be "are being demolished"
  2. have you been
  3. is reading
these stuff doesn't make sense are you sure its like that?
I re-typed it from tests I have.And that had other generations (other students)...I didn't change anything... Thanx anyway...
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50. teaches

49. had removed

48. were held

47. have happened

46. have you lost

45. won

44.does leave or is leaving

43. invite

42. had repaired

41. were cancelled

40. are being demolished