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Hi Greg,

Poland has recently adopted a new test systems. Unlike the "Old Matura," where each course received a mark (from 1 - lowest to 6 - highest), the Nowa Matura (“New Matura”) reports percentage score from each of the test subjects. Thus, the 5 or 6 score no longer applies.

Test subjects is better than subject tests.

You're set to go.

Hi MountainHiker,

Yes, thank you.

By the way - I think that the term 'Subject test' is used specifically with respect to SAT and 'test subjects' does sound better.

'Till next time!!
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Hi Greg,

Keep us posted.

This might be a bit late but personally I would sent two separate pages.

Make one the application letter and do a separate sheet explaining the polish exam system. Then in the letter you can put something along the lines of 'Please see the attached sheet for futher infomation on Polish qualifications' at the relevant point. That way, they have the infomation easily at hand if they need to go and consult/research it, and they don't have to plow through the whole lot if they don't need to.

Excellent suggestion!

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Thanks for the tip Nona; however: what do you mean by the "application letter"? At the moment I'm only enquiring, questioning and generally - analyzing.

And by the way I have learned that all of my extracurricular activities will be taken into account in the admission process, alongside my demanded academic achievements from Matura somewhere between 91-100%. That's from University College, London - a promised update;].
And so I came to a conclusion - a truly revealing one;] - that I'll just have to do my best at my final exam and maintain a good overall school record.
Now I'm working on one thing and that happens to be a ‘wake-up mission’. I have to signal the existence of Nowa Matura to Admissions Offices of universities of my interest. And since I will have to get very high percentage in order to pursue admission on LLB programme at UCL I might as well widen my area of interests to King's College, Oxford (open application for int. students) and London School of Economics.

I've sent an e-mail to the Admissions Office of SOAS; it was almost a copy of the letter to UCL which Mountain Hiker helped me to form. (To be precise: wrote for me ;]).

Now I’m writing another e-mail, this time to King's College and I'll have it done before 14:00 (Washington). They provide information for students from Poland; however based on old Matura. Also I need to know all about Access Courses they offer (if any).

Off to immerse into http://www.kcl.ac.uk / ;]
Hi Greg,
Thanks for the tip Nona; however: what do you mean by the "application letter"?

All nona was referring to was having your detailed explanation separate from your main letter. Rather than cluttering up your main letter with a long detailed explanation, keep the two items separate. You can simply refer to the long detailed explanation attachment in your main letter.

Good luck.

Hi MountainHiker,

In that case I have to agree with you - It's a great idea and I will compile something of that kind in a few days. Maybe even tomorrow - in which section of EnglishForward.com should I seek help?

In the meantime: I've mixed our two previous letters and came up with this one:

C. O.,
School of Law,
King's College London,
Strand Campus,
London WC2R 2LS
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Hi Greg,

Your letter looks excellent.

You might want to attach a page 2 where you describe the Matura Exam. But I would be inclined to NOT include it. If they want more information, they will ask for it. Either way is fine, though.

If want to put together a description of your Matura Exam, just post on this thread. That way, everything is located in one familiar location.

Again, I think your letter is excellent and is ready to go as-is.

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