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Hi MountainHiker,

Thanks, I'll send it then as it is;] and I suppose that they will ask me about Matura if they’ll need to; however it would be wise if I had a description of Matura written down. It may come in handy eventually.

I've found a really nice brochure in Polish, so now I'll only have to translate it into English.

Hello again:]

Here comes a behindhanded update:
I'd obtained all necessary info and prepared some background for my UCAS application form I'm working on presently.

I have to write a Personal Statement in which I'll have the chance to explain my reasons for applying. You know how crucial a good PS is and so you'll probably understand why I've chosen to use your mental and lore resources ;p.

Anyway, my space is very limited (template available on www.ucas.com/getting/apply05/ along with some technical instructions) and I have so much to pass on;].

Although the form is up to me the brochure "How to apply" specifically points out what I would want to write about:

* Why do I want to study in the UK?
* What evidence do I have to show that I can complete a higher education course taught in English?
* Have I had a position of authority or used my communication skills in any activity?

* Why I have chosen the courses I've listed?
* What interests me about chosen subjects? ("Include details of what you have read about the subject")
* What career plans I have after I complete my course.
* Any job, work experience, placement or voluntary work I have done, particularly if it is relevant to my subject. ("You may want to give skills and experience you have gained from these activities")
* Any involvement in widening participation schemes such as summer schools or mentoring activities.
* Involvement in master classes or other Gifted and Talented programmes.
* My future plans.
* Any subjects I'm studying that do not have a formal assessment.
* Any sponsorship or placements I have applied for.
* My social, sports or leisure interests.

I have pointed out some of my prior attainments:
1. After one semester in my elementary school I have been promoted to higher class and considered a gifted kid;].
2. I had the best overall average of lower high school grades (5, 4 /6) of my school.
3. In high school I was approached by a newly-created periodical "LOL". I still write articles for them on a regular basis and they consider offering me a post of their younger correspondent from London.
4. I am a creative script-editor for a movie "300 minutes" that currently is being developed by young independent artists connected to milieu of "Lodzka Szkola Filmowa" (the best and most renowned polish drama school)
5. I have been attending summer courses at British Council's school English for You in Hastings where I have obtained second best score;].
6. I was a successful head of the Students Government (in the most difficult term of office in my entire high school history)
7. Now I'm a chairman of the European Club...
8. ...from which I have been awarded a place on an international exchange program with young students from Carcasonne (France) but unfortunately I haven't had a chance to go because I've lost my passport (and it was before Poland’s accession to EU).
9. Alongside my professors and friends I have been a part of a team that obtained a "Szkola z Klasa" title for my school in a social effort to raise the standard of education in Poland. The campaign was held under patronage of "Gazeta Wyborcza" (the most respective polish daily); The Polish-American Freedom Foundation and under honorary patronage of the Polish President.

The thing is - I don't know how to start, with what I should begin? Furthermore: the list I have compiled makes up roughly for the 2/3 of my avaliable space in the template.

I know that it isn't a designed topic for essay writing, however; you know my case quite well. I'm looking forwart to any words of advice;].

Students: We have free audio pronunciation exercises.

I don't see that your space is limited. That said, you don't want to write a book either.

Para1: What you want to accomplish at their univeristy. What you plan to do after graduation. Mention that English is the international business language and it will provide you with the best opportunities to chase your dreams.

Para2: State your strong academic achievements. With your strong track record, you are confident that you will excel at their program.

Para3: Tell us a little about yourself. Tell us what you like, what you are good at, and why you want to pursue your degree. You might need a couple paragraphs.

Para4: Summarize what you've said. You are bringing together your academic and personal strengths to accomplish your goals.

Para5: Thank them for considering your application and you look forward to their positive reply.

You're done.

A hint to the wise: Don't try to use "complicated language"or "flowery words" but instead stick with the basics. As a person who has learned English as a second language, you are likely to make mistakes if you get too fancy. Stick to the basics and you'll impress them.

Hi MountainHiker,

Thanks for the advice, I'm working on my assay right now, but there's one practical issue I've failed to mention in the previous post:

I'm applying through UCAS (the only possible way) to six universities for different courses (which fortunately have many things in common) and I can write only one statement so it has to be as far flexible as I can imagine:].

Here are the universities and courses:
Royal Holloway, University of London - Politics and Sociology
Joint honours. Combines the study of theoretical and empirical Sociology with their political counterparts. Combines in-depth analysis of both areas and their interactions.

King’s College London, University of London - Law

University of Central England, Birmingham - Media and Communication (Journalism)

The University of Manchester - Law

City University London – Law

University of Brighton - English Language Studies with Media

And for example: Admissions Officer at Royal Holloway won't know I'm applying to King's and anyone from Manchester won't know I'm applying to London, but they'll all see my statement.
Tough, a versatile text it has to be. If you come up with anything before I post any results of my work write:].


You should change your letter to suit each university.

Otherwise, it is like giving the girls the same compliment.

Greg: Gee, Betty, you've got the most amazing deep and inviting blue eyes.

Betty: Ah, Greg, my eyes are brown.


Also, be careful about posting your stuff here. Google and the Internet archive everything and never forget.

Site Hint: Check out our list of pronunciation videos.

Versatility is the key. Or let me rephrase that: It has to be:].
There's only one space at the UCAS form and I'm not allowed to provide any extra information. That's why I wonder what to write there. Broad, but not vague - tough.

And thanks for the tip; I'll think of somethingEmotion: wink


If you want to write to me offline (email removed by moderator; please leave it in your profile) is my address.

You have to use the UCAS for all universities????

I would think each unversity would be independent?

If you do write to me offline, leave me a note so that I can check.


Thanks for the e-mail; I'll send you the essay as I'll compile it:].
Shall I leave the note as PM or here?

http://www.ucas.com/getting/apply05/sample05.pdf - here is a sample UCAS form.
We are talking about the section 10 and that is the only place in the form I can produce my own text. Every university from my list would like to receive applications via UCAS, however; there's a back door I wish to exercise: I can send additional information directly to my chosen university. However; I can only do this after I receive a welcome letter with my application number from UCAS so this doesn't solve my actual problem with section 10:].

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Hi Greg,

Leave me a message here.

UCAS is some sort of universal university entrance form? If so, that's different than here in North America.

I saw their sample pdf.

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