A. compunction : repel
B. admonition : reprove
C. restitution : forestall
D. hoax : entertain
E. ban : protect

(Choose a word pair expressing a relationship most similar to that of the given pair.)

The answer is B. I doubt it. Since pretence is to deceive, but admonition is just a noun form of admonish which is synonymous with reprove, B should not be the right answer. However, E may sound a little more right, because ban is to protect (but that is not all the cases. Ban also means to deprive one’s rights.) Ah, I better let your hands on it.

Thank you so much for your time.
The purpose of a pretense is to deceive; the purpose of an adminition is to reprove.
I'd agree with khoff.

A pretence deceives someone. You pretend to the person you deceive.

An admonition reproves someone. You admonish the person you reprove.

A ban protects someone; but you ban someone or something to protect someone or something else.

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The purpose of an admonition is to reprove? I'd rather say they are just synonymous. To me, the purpose of an admonition or reproof is to check or repress something. I hope you will give me more detailed explanation. Emotion: sad

Thank you.
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