so my girlfriend's mad at me because i lied to her about something...which was only to keep her from worrying...but she is mad nonetheless....

so I'm thinking that maybe a poem that'll make her laugh, smile, and get those feelings "oh he's so sweet" which maybe might help things out...

can any of you brillian poets help me ? thank you all Emotion: smile
I've been finding Dadaism particularly appealing recently. But I guess she would draw the conclusion you'd been using certain illicit substances, so sending her a Dadaistic poem might be a bad idea. How's this?

"You" by Philologist, ad-libbing

Your smile
Your happiness

The world

The same to me

Love is blindness


Wouldn't you agree that this is a marvellous poem?

Pssst...I'm certain she'd appreciate a heartfelt poem written by you more than a stranger's concoctions. Besides, I wonder how she would feel if she noticed you asked others to write a poem for her. It's not that hard to find out such things using Google.

So, grab that inkwell, a piece of paper and start writing!

Good luck! Emotion: smile
Hi Anonymous,

Why don´t write a letter instead of a poem?? A letter in which you show her your tell her what you think about her and so on..I think she would prefer a letter written by yourself than a poem which is not..think about it;)

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Maybe you could sing her a song saying you're sorry. Emotion: big smile
Good idea Benita;)
I'm no expert, but maybe if you go talk to her about it... just say you're really sorry, and you miss her, and you wish you'd never lied, and you won't ever do it again. And mean it.
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