you had leaving me, let me alone
is it correct grammar? please check for me please thanks
No, Sylvia,

Not correct, but I don't know how to fix it because I don't understand the meaning of the first part:

'You left me; now leave me alone'?
'You had to leave me; now leave me alone'?
'You were going to leave me; now leave me alone'?
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To Mister Micawber!

hi hi hi ha ha, actually, i am writing a poem, my poem have topic "My love is gone", I already finish my poem, i want someone good in English help me grammar, but i don't want submmit my poem , b/c i am shy, and i think my poem not very well, i don't want people laugh at me, that's why i pick some sentences that i confused about grammar, if my poem is good i submmit for "Poetry contest", if you can help me! i send my poem to you via email, if not, that is ok, I really love writing poetry in English, but i am not native speaker, therefor the way i think and write is difficult for me, that why i like to enjoy in EnglishForward make me learn English faster.
Sure, Sylvia, I would be happy to help. If you click my homepage URL under my name (to the left of my post), my email address is on the first page. I'm looking forward to reading your poem.