Tired with Life: by Sagar Subedi (Notes) on Tuesday, December 13, 2011 at 10:18pm

Let me end , take my life cut my heart, with pointed knife.
You are up in the sky there ,I'm feeling alone here.

Have two eyes still blind, except you nothing in my mind.
Call me up,will be with you. from the sky wanna look a view.

Life is fun,Life is cruel, Life is joy ,and sometime fool.

Let me cry and take my tear ,I'm alone, tell me -"with you i'm here".
Let me scream and take my all fear. Except love nothing to share.
In the sky you are alone impossible to make your clone.

Take my life take my soul Hard to live being old.

Let me end , take my life cut my heart with pointed knife.
What is this supposed to be? A poem that you have written?

Ah, I see that you have said that in your subject line. It is better to include your request in your message text. Well, I will move this thread to our Poetry forum, though I am not sure that it qualifies.
Thank you so much Mister Micawber. Sorry I didn't know that we have poetry forum.
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simpleseasubLet me scream and take my all fear.

"Take all my fear"