Hi, everyone. Emotion: smileI came across this sentence below and I was wondering what this "to the touch" part was implying.

Should I take out "to" and read "Your phone is hot to touch?" or..... is "the touch" refering to the cover or outer part of the phone?

HELP!!! - and thanks in advance as always! Emotion: smile

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Your phone is hot to the touch.
When you use several applications at once, your device requires more power and may heat up. This is normal and should not affect your device’s lifespan or performance.
Hot/cold to the touch means that it feels hot/cold when you touch it. 'To the touch' is a fixed phrase.
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to the touch, is it means that the feeling when touch the phone?

am I right or not?

just learned from the cambridge dic.

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to the touch (also to your touch)
used after an adjective to express how something feels when you put your hand on it
The material was soft to the touch.