Hello all, hope you're well. I hoped to receive some help on my letter of motivation to the University College of Utrecht. Perhaps worth mentioning that I really need to rely on this letter as my grades won't compete with the other applicants and that this is my dream school. Oh, and English isn't my native language so I'd appreciate if a native speaker would comment on any possible weird sentences. Really hope someone sees this and thank you in advance!

To whom it may concern,

My name is Aria xxx and with this letter, I am applying to the Liberal Arts and Sciences program at the University College of Utrecht.

UCU appeals greatly to me due to the possibility of combining different subjects, challenging critical thinking and broadening one's view and knowledge. Despite being broadly interested, psychology will certainly be implemented in my program. Buddhism teaches that suffering is a part of life where the valuable lesson is how to learn from this suffering. Recognizing how my life has improved by self-reflection and self-care gave me a deeper understanding of who I am and encourages me to spread this change in people’s lives. However, not everyone is ready to move on and see the more beautiful things life can offer, these are the people I one day wish to help. I’ve been told that I have an “I want to save the world” mentality, which in a way I believe is true. Perhaps not the whole world but I will do as much as I can. With the privilege given, I am motivated to use my unique set of skills and knowledge to help provide a sense of clarity to those in need. The physical can easily be healed with all sorts of modern medicine but the mind is a complex organ that needs care and understanding. As John Milton said, “The mind is its own place and in itself, can make a Heaven of Hell, a Hell of Heaven”. This is why I want to study psychology.

Coming from an adult high school, I didn’t receive the support desired. I independently, with some material provided from school, completed the English A Level and Psychology AS level, with the Ylioppilastutkinto to be completed in May 2019. As challenging as studying two diplomas was, it has taught me the work ethic I will benefit from in my further studies. Despite this, I seek for change and trust that UCU will give me the support I need and more. I’m particularly interested in applying to an English speaking university as I haven't been able to use my full potential in my studies due to the language barrier.

Its great that UCU allows students to have time for fun activities with a large assortment of committees provided, yet is ranked as a top university with excellent students. Promoting “work hard, play hard” is crucial to one's health, which is why this university so appealing. The diversity of students with a passion in an international environment makes the appeal even greater. One role I’d wish to implement amongst them is the spreading of love, not only to all living creatures but importantly also the mother nature as it’s something I’m greatly passionate about and have been actively promoting to those I am surrounded with both physically and digitally.

I’m confident that I am a strong candidate but 500 words might not be enough to convince you, therefore I am looking forward to having an interview to prove this.


Aria XXX

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