Ok, i need to find the lyrics of this song called Gorillas In The Mist... i've been looking for this song a long time... som1 help

Da monch leb--> gorillas in the mist
(Masquerade) One two, see this?
Right here this is heat, yo, yo
Massive massive
(Hook: K-OS)
There's something deep inside
That's telling you that love's so much more
This is just a masquerade
When everything's alright
You know it's time for the writing wars
If it's just a masquerade
When I feel the way of my lost innocense
Looking for emotions that are fallacy
Everything is waiting on that dominance
Hoping for new opuses and alibis
And I'm with you, oh ohohohoh
If I could starve from falling
And I bet you, oh oh silenced the
Voices in your head but there's no place to go
(Hook: K-OS)
There's something deep inside
That's telling you that love's so much more
This is just a masquerade
I sit back with the microphone
Watchin' these MC's turn to actors
Producin' all the factors
That flip life, into a masquerade
We like a bunch of manakins
Battery operated, inoculated
With five sentences connect us to the Earth
Rich sinners since the days of my birth
For what it's worth, dissuaded love
I'm steadily spreadin' love over the beat down
Let's meditate and feel the heat now
Like beautiful rain, on the desert plain
Cause the sun parch the ground on the weak sound
I break it down, to elements H to O
A place to go, that you can't escape the flow
Does not exist, I love the truth so I persist
Intelligent men? Or just "Gorillas in the Mist"
Clenchin' a black fist, for the size of dollar bill
I leave the space so you can think about it now so just chill
(Hook: K-OS)
(There's something, there's something deep in)
(There's something)
There's something deep inside
That's telling you that love's so much more
This is just a masquerade
When everything's alright
You know it's time for the writing wars
If it's just a masquerade
Black shit, ration, tryin' to step up
But they can't even cash it
Kick that shit
(First saved message)
In this venture, nothing gained
I've only just touched the surface
Once nervous, when writing for a worthless purpose
It was once more than this, before the heart left the beat
The soul left the speech, I'm still trying to reach
My niche, and teach the love again
Inside the hate of a present day
Got stepped after, being genuine we're swept away
Before the importance of diamonds, bells
And a platinum place, fallen from grace
Not my campus with another trace
Of the same thing I came in, this thing is worth saving
Standing in the pockets holding tongues of what I'm saying
Blaming myself only for supporting what they're playing
I may peek through the storm, but now it's raining
Unchanging of late, it's hard to be creative
Although creating is native to me, I tried to be
Even patience couldn't save it, from the days of pages
They couldn't believe I would say this
No longer without wings, Kamau is what my name is
Too many undermind, what I underline
Placing my poetry underneath their making of rhymes
It was a creation of frustration
Brown bricks or blank slates
Subway trains and cardboard bound with masking tape
It was the sound of the evening, the way the day grew late
Words tumble from lungs over my tongue
And gave a new taste to my fate
It doesn't even matter how the chatter would paint us
With love on our side they could barely stand against us
Um, what up? Uh Kheaven, what's goin' down?
Um I got your message, and uh yeah, basically call me back
Basically call me back and tell me
Sorry about the length of the message, but you know
You feelin' it? Aight man peace
(End of message)
Taken from http://da-lench-mob.letrasdasmusicas.com.br/guerillas-in-tha-mist-letra.html

Such a great tune.


Come down and beware of the black fist
The guerillas straight mutherfucking killers in the mist
Take a shot Buck Buck but you can't forge
Never thought you'd see South Central niggaz in the forest
Don't kick in the chorus just yet
Cause we ain't made a mess yet
Lench Mob produce the best yet
Comin real hard man
Bumpin in your car man
Finally caught up with a devil named Tarzan
Swingin on a vine
Suckin on a piece of swine
Jiggaboo come up from behind
Hit him with a coconut
Stab him in the gut
Push him out the tree
he falls right on his nuts
And just like EPMD
I don't like a bitch
Named J to tha A to tha N-E
Can't wait to meet her
I'm gonna kill 'er
Cause that little muthafucking cheetah can't hang with aguerilla

You try to pay me off with a banana
But J-D is blacker than a city called Atlanta
Give me some elbow room, I need some elbow room
So I can boom shak-a-lak boom
That's the sound of the twenty guage
Lock us up and the Lench Mob can break out of any cage
You never even hear of this
I'm taking care of this
Lench Mob environmental terrorists
Fuck great ape ammarilla
I'm a killa
But killa gorilla ain't a killa
White boys like Godzilla
But my super nigga named King Kong
Played his ass like Ping-Pong
So motherfuckers get your ding-dong
Or the bozack what's that dick and nut sack
So get your butts back from the black fist
Cap peelers the guerillas in the mist

Va-voom here comes a nigga from the dark side
Talking bout a brand new apartheid
South Central straight ghetto native
Gotta show these devil muthafuckers what I'm made of
Yes, never smoke the sess
Only hit the buddha when I'm laying on my chest
I'm laying in a cut
I'm laying in a cut
I'm laying in a cut
bout to shoot me a mutt (with what?)
With the boom ping ping
Listen to the ill shit that I bring bring
Nappy headed nigga, coming out the mist
Ice Cube is my motherfucking dog, yes
Kicking pumps, Smoking humps
The guerillas, rollin from deep in the bumps
Short Dog got the muthafucking pump
And it's true T-Bone got the twenty-two
That's how it's done
So you better run yo
Run your ass out the jungle
Cause hear the guns go and we don't miss
The Lench Mob, the guerillas in the mist!
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i don have the lyrics but the band is called Da Lench Mob - Gorillas in The Mist
Feat.Ice Cube
Dude, try searching for " Guerillas in tha mist, by the lench mob

it will turn up results
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