Can Someone tell me if there is any other grammar or verb mistakes in that text.

Mae West was a young reporter who worked for a local newspaper. She lived alone in an old disgusting apartment hoping for the news story that would changer her life. Then one day, Mae was strolling in the park when suddenly she noticed a box under the park bench. Intrigued by it, she decided to pick it up. ‘Who could have left it here?’ wondered Mae. ‘I’ve gone by here many times and have never seen something this strange before’. She was sure someone had forgotten the box so she decided to bring it home.
Very good. I'd make very few changes.

"in an old disgusting apartment" I'd say "in a disgusting old apartment"
"changer her life" I think you mean "change her life".
"under the park bench" I'd say "under a park bench".
"have never seen something" I'd say "have never seen anything"
Guest, I take off my hat to you.

You have mastered the art of the attention-grabbing 'Subject' line.

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"Why don't you come down and see me some time," said Mae West's sister.
"Don't you mean 'come up'?" he asked.
"No," she said. "I live in a basement".
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