Firstly, Sincerely thanks to you, for your cultivation during nearly more than one year.
Under the excellent leadership from you, every aspect in this company has been developed prosperously, and obtained great achievements. Meanwhile, all the workers here also get extremely good improvements, they are positive and hard-working even playing no attention on their salaries. Now they all have been the backbone and the supporter of this company, and ***of nowadays is no longer the old one.
However, every body has their own direction and dreams. In the long run, I think it is not suitable for me to stay here for much longer. The most important is that I cannot adapt myself to the circumstance of administration culture in Euro Well even after more than one year. Although I did work hard and tried my best to finish my tasks, I always felt depressed and cannot see the bright that belonged to me. This may be called foreordination.
I still keep on seeking a fitter stage for myself where I can practise my talent maximizely , not only for the sake of this nation, collectivity but also for myself. My mood at this moment is complex. After all, The company is the very place, where I spent more than 500 days and from where I stepped into society, from where I began the long life road.

I have been so familiar with people and all the things here. not only the old colleagues once worked here but also the new ones who worked for several months, all of them left me indelible memory. It has been my great honor for having been working with them here. I would like to extend thank to them. But the most sincere thank I would express is to boss, you, our great leader. Since having stepped into society for no long time, very limited experience on working and communication, if once I offend you, please forgive me. But I have always obeyed your command and your teaching in a respectful way. All that learned from you, I will treasure for all my life.
Thanks once again!
I will keep on paying my great attention on the development of Euro Well with enthusiasm, just as what I did in past. In some degree, it is one of the mater schools of mine.
Bye for now. And with my best regards!

Nov 4th 05
I suggest you not just translating the Chinese version into English. The Chinese version is already too explicit to me.

For the English version of this letter, you'd better keep the letter short and be sincere and polite. Don't overuse adjectives and adverbs nor use those which are too subjective. Instead use more neutral and specific ones as I suppose this is a business letter after all and I can see the social distance between you and the recipient.

Like the first sentence of the first paragraph. You may change it to "Under your effective leadership, the company has been developing steadily with remarkable achievements."

I'm still a learner and this is my first post. Hope these help
Who are you writing this for? If it is someone Chinese then you probably know the tone to take better than I do. If not, it is too 'flowery' for a UK or US reader. If you are leaving a job here it is not necessary to go into this sort of detail or explanation in your resignation letter.
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The Chinese version looks okay, but it all depends on context, of course. The English needs some work.

What do you need this for?
many thanks for your advise.this did help. as to me , a chinese guy,firstly,I should know somethings more about the expressing of english man. i am working as an assistant to my boss,I am now try my best to learnenglish. hope that i make progress everyday!
The Chinese version looks okay, but it all depends on context, of course. The English needs some work.

What do you need this for?

This is a resignation letter , and now I post it here ,in the puppose of giving some advise from you to improve my self.
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Kill me!softly!