hey guys, i need you to give me band names, cuz i ran out of ideas, thx
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you can name anything you want, for eg..

The Purple tomato
The Land of Uz (Job 1:1 NIV)
Closed Book of Love
Bipolar Tendencies
Cerebral Hemispheres
Heinous Anus
Severed Ear
DJ E and MC Squared
NAD (Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide)
Arrector Pili (Hair Raising Experience)
Medulla Oblongata
Anaerobic Exercise
Broken Wind
Massively Undecided
Postponed Life
Real Careers (are made of this)
Hyperactive Lazy People
The Lilliputians
Upside-down Words
Interstate Traffic
Broken Glass
Two Inch Penny Nails
Dark Side of the Morning
Wet Blanket
Running Water
Hand Lotion
Static Cling Sound
Loose Threads
Interchangeable Shoes
Plaid Parade
Slim Profile
Disposable Music
Better than Silvertab
Better than Ezekiel
Musical Jaws of Life
Real Musicians
Harmonized Harmonicas
Sam`s Choice Music
PBS Music
Moral Music
Plugged Unplugged
Killer Guitar Heroes
Flaming Sitars
Woody Ballads
Anonymous Self
The Nameless one
Day-Glo Flamingos
The Wombats
Weeping Willows
Deepa, did you invent all those names or are they bands that already exist? The name 'Ultrasound' isn't too bad.
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what kind of music do you play?
this is important for the name

if you play rock, you colul named "rock siffredi" in honor of the actor hard "Rocco Siffredi"
it is just a pretty idea

another name

no smoking
no parking
There were some great band names in there Deepa.

Guest, sometimes they recommend to novelists to create titles that are contrasting in a way like Bright Night, Escape from Paradise, or along those lines.
Maybe you could do the same for the band.

Here's a few more that I will create off the top of my head...

Flying Rubber Chickens
Beaten tranquility
Electric Abacus
The Green Leftovers
Push and Pull
Sloppy Copy
Kings and Fools

Or another alternative is get a dictionary and randomly pick 2 or 3 words from different parts and join them together in some way.
I'll try it now...
Hegemony Taste
Straight Blood
Steep Pilgrim

Hey this is funEmotion: smile
It could be just about anything:

Heavy Metal band:
Rock and Puke
Plague in Heaven
Bang Bin Laden
Castarated Guitar

Hidden Staircase
Closed Forever
No more Rock

No more Pop
M Unjackson

lol...enough junk for now...
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Henrietta +1 !!!!
Ultrasound is very good name!!!!

I want to ask something:
how can you abstract (is it true word?) the word band that has the mean music band and the band that has the mean criminal team... etc? how can you abstract that?
Omish Irishmen
Stupid is as stupid does
Lick me
Poison Control Center
ooo flammability doesnt sound too bad
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