Hello all i im german and i need help i wrote a text about my work experince and i will write tomorrow a test.
So pls correct my mistakes.

My work experience
I did my work experience at Airbus in it’s one of the biggest companies of the world. They build flights there. That was on November, 9th and 10th. On the first day I was in the engineering draws section and I Had to copy some drawings and the same on a PC. My working hours were from 8:00 am till break to 14:00 pm. That was very interesting but I didn’t like this job.
On the next day I was in the mechanic section and I build a pencils holder and a witch key.

In this section they work as flight mechanical. And it was more interesting for me as engineering draws man, but I can’t imagine working as a flight mechanical.

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My work experience was at Airbus in Tate? which is one of the largest companies in the world. They build airplanes there. My first day was on November 9th and I was assigned to the Engineering Drawings section. I worked from 8:00 am to 14:00 pm. My responsibilities were to copy and file various drawings and documents on a PC. There was a lot to learn on this job, but I did not particularly enjoy it.

On the next day, I was assigned to the Mechanical Design section to build a pencil holder and a watch? key. People in this section are aircraft mechanics. This assignment was very interesting and challenging. You need to have special training and lots of experience to be a good aircraft mechanic.
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