Everyone h as to tidy up around the house sometimes, but the new idea known as ''de-cluttering'' goes further than that. By showing you how to get (1)_____ of all the things you don't need, de-cluttering can actually help you (2)_____a healthier, less stressful lifestyle. At least, that is the belief of professional ''de-cluttering consultant'', Clare Davis. Clare visits her clients in their homes and advises them on what to keep, what to throw out, and how best to (3)_____the furniture and storage space.
But Clare does more than just tidying a desk or clearing out a wardrobe that is stuffed with last year's fashion items. She aims to (4)____ to the root of the problem. According to Clare, if your home is disorganized and untidy then so is your m ind, and your happiness and health will (5)_____ as a result. She believes that everything in the house should either have a function or be something you really cherish. Many people (6)______ on to things for the wrong reasons. And so the first (7)_____ in Clare's de-cluttering program is to remove everything her client don't need, like clothes they have grown(8)______of and objects they no longer need.
Clare's clients speak (9)_____of her. All sorts of people from writers to computer programmers have said they found her service useful. Many have said that her de-cluttering program has (10)_____them to become more organized.

1/A. lost B.rid C.empty D.free
2/A.perform B.complete C. lead D. keep
3/A.fix B. settle C. regulate D. arrange
4/A. gain B. come C.catch D. get
5/A. suffer B. harm C. damage D. hurt
6/A. hold B. keep C. stay D. wait
7/A, degree B. act C. progress D. step
8/A. fed B. tired C. worn D. sad
9/A. surely B. deeply C. highly D.greatly
10/A. made B. supported C. improved D. helped

I choose 1b, 2c, 3d, 4d, 5a, 6a, 7d, 8b, 9c, 10d. But following to my answer sheet, there are some differences: 6b, 8c, 9a. I don't know why. Please check and explain it to me. thanks very much!
Your choices are correct.

6b wrong
8c wrong

9a wrong
I entirely agree with your answers.

6a Many people hold/keep on to things.... ("keep" would work if it were "Many people keep things for...")
8b clothes they have grown tired/worn of and objects they no longer...
9c Clare's clients speak highly/surely of her.

6b, 8c, and 9a are wrong.