Topic: "The concept of 'individual responsibility' is a necessary fiction. Although societies must hold individuals accountable for their own actions, people's behavior is largely determined by forces not of their own making."

So what is "individual responsibility"? Does it mean individuals should be responsible for their own actions as mentioned in the second part of the claim? What the difference between “individual responsibility” and “social responsibility”? Do they conflict with each other? Would adherence to individual responsibility go against the law and thus is considering as wrongdoing? Will “individual responsibility” contradict “the responsibility for the actions of government? …

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You definitely know this Chinese saying "一人做事一人當"? That's what individual responsibility is about, I guess.

Question is whether "people's behavior" 受其他因素主宰.

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So, you mean a person should be responsible to his actions; he cannot do what he will do, i.e. he should act within the law?
But what does it mean, when some claims “law is based on ‘individual responsibility’”?

I don’t know if “individual responsibility” is restricted by other forces, since I don’t fully get what’s ‘individual responsibility’?

Does individual responsibility refers to ‘personal independence’ and ‘personal rights’, so an individual cannot act against others’ rights or interests?
But why other people say that ‘individual responsibility’ means ‘morality’, ‘duty’, ‘loyalty’, ‘ethics’ ‘honesty’……?
If ‘individual responsibility’ means someone act with morality, loyalty, etc, how could it conflict with others’ interests and rights?
Ahh, a little too complicated.
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I'm afraid you've made this too complicated. Just take one side or the other and try to defend it.

What do you believe?
Yes, I just failed to understand it.

Could you please give me an example that people's behavior is largely determined by forces, which cause people to be unable to be responsible these actions?
Let's say we are talking about a kid whose parents have been in jail. This kid's father is a murderer, and the kid has inherited the violent tendencies. He (let's assume a he) is also growing up in an urban slum.

If the kid committed a crime, would he be responsible? Or are we going to argue that he can't help following his father's "footsteps"?
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However, our society should be to blame, right? It failed to educate him.

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