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Its not from creed its alice in chains and pearl jam.....Creed sucks those guys could never do such a good song..also the guy who sings in creed copies eddie vedder's voice hes a patheyc looser and a jackass
This is From www.toolband.com

Here's an email I received that I thought you might enjoy.
"I was at the 96.5 K Rock Tsunami Relief Concert last night and I was completely awed when Maynard walked out to sing a few songs ... and I have to add did a wonderful job at it. The irony is that outside before the show some guy from K Rock was interviewing people outside (we were one of the first 10 people in line for the show) and he asked me if I could have anyone sing for Layne who would my dream "replacement" be and I of course answered "Maynard from Tool". We both laughed like yeah right in a cold day in hell. So I was very surprised when my dream came true. I just wanted to let someone know that it kicked ass and I really enjoyed the whole show. I really miss Layne and Alice in Chains will very obviously never be the same now that he's gone but last night was really awesome and Maynard did him right."
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I know it's been literally months since this post but I was just trying to find out the same information. The general opinion is that the song you're thinking of is alone by creed, not alone by pearl jam. pj do have a song called alone but it's totally different. the dude from creed just tries to sing like eddie vedder.

Hope you read this one day if you haven't got your answer already!
hey I love that song it's alice in chains and pearl jam and I've been trying to find the lyrics forever...good luck
It's been a long day at the bottom of the hill

She died of a broken heart
She told me I was livin' in the past
Drinkin' from a broken glass


I'm alone
(I never want to be alone)

Now I
(Now I turn to face the cold)

I'm alone
(I never want to be alone)
Now I
(Now I wanna turn to travel home)

I walked down the other end today
Just to catch those last few rays
I held out my hand and slowly waved goodbye
I turned now, my eyes up to the sky


She'll come back to me
She'll come back to me
All alone in this misery
She'll come back to me

I held out my hands into the light and I watched it die
I know that I was part to play
My time, my time to die
And never want to spend my life alone
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Ok, listen to it... sorry to say but it is the singer of Creed and Maynard James Keenan of Tool.

Anyone who says this was writen for Layne is a retard... i heard it years ago.
Thank`s,i will realy appriciate id you send me the lyric to this song,my msn adress is <removed mod>
definately not tool...

you probably downloaded this song as I did -- mislabeled from p2p as creed and tool.

AiC with pearl jam
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Does anybody have the mpeg or wma of the song. I lost it when my laptop was infected with a virus. It's the only song I know that AIC & PJ worked together on. Thanks. email is Email Removed">Email Removed.
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