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Alice in Chains with Pearl Jam the track is called "Alone". Try Limewire or Frostwire for download. I am trying to find the album it came from.Emotion: big smile
i dunno but i need help find a song myself it has some lyrics that go "When the voice of summer ends", but that about all i know
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alice in chains and pearl jam.... the song called alone
It is a band called Downface. www.downface.com . It is not Alice In Chains, Pearl Jam, Ed and Jerry, creed, Tool, or anybody else. Don't take credit away from these guys from Wisconsin who wrote and performed it.
its actually from the band downface. but on the internet u download it by alice in chains/pearljam. dont know why this happened. but downface is the real creator for the song. its called alone
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I've had this song for about 2 years now, always thought it was Alice In Chains & Pearl Jam, really does sound like Eddie & Layne, but after going to Downfaces myspace.... I seee that it is not, just have very similar voices, go to www.downface.com and listen to their other songs n you'll seee. Emotion: smile

Creed - Alone

It's been a long day at the bottom of the hill,
she died of a broken heart.
She told me I was living in the past,
drinking from a broken glass.

I'm alone ,
now I [now I] turn to face the cold.
I'm alone ,
now I [now I] turn to travel home.

I walked down to the other end of the day,
just to catch those last few waves.
I held out my hand and slowly waved goodbye,
I turned, now my eyes up to the sky.


She'll come back to me. [She'll come back to me.]
She'll come back to me. [She'll come back to me.]
All alone in this mystery.
She'll come back to me.

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I held out my hands into the light and I watched it die,
I know that I was part to play.
My god, my time to die.
Never want to spend my life alone.

Alice in Chains & Pearl Jam
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k laynes girl died, "she'll come back to me" "my eyes to the sky" "i was part to blame it explains it all its fuckin layne an eddie
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