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im trying to find this song it goes like this "theres no way you hate me more then i hate myslef"
acutally is from a band called downface.
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Well.... I really don't know why there is so much confusion over this song in the net. The TRUTH is that this song by a band called Downface, and was released in the album Confidence in 1998. In that album there are 2 version of this song. One acoustic and other with electrical instruments.

This song is NOT by either of: Pearl Jam, AIC, creed, or tool...!!! I assume that since they sound like some of them, and they are really not very popular, some people just assumed it was by some of the mentioned bands.
no its not by either of those,thight have done a cover of that song but its by alice in chains and pearl jam.
It's a song called Alone by Grunge bands pearl jam and alice in chains Emotion: smile I love it
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I just downloaded this song and it was listed as Alice in Chains featuring Pearl Jam. I think it could quite possibly have Kurt Cobain singing as well. It could also have Andrew Wood in it from Temple of the Dog and Mother Love Bone. Mother Love Bone's Guitarist and Bass Player were Pearl Jam's Stone Gossard and Jeff Ament so that leads me to believe it could be Andrew Wood.
The song is called "Alone". Depending on the version you have, it could be Alice in Chains or it could be the much debated about Alice in Chains/Pearl Jam or Tool/Creed performance. No one seems to be clear on who performed it live and recorded it.
Correction to first post...

The band is Downface. The album is "Confidence".

"Based" in Madison WI. Formed in 1997, through common appreciation for bands such as TOOL, Deftones, Failure, Alice in Chains, Pearl Jam, Rusted Root.

And YES we are the band that wrote "Alone".

Songs above are from Our 1997 Confidence Album, and 2002 Within Album.

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my god, what kind of pearl jam and alice in chains fans are you all? i think you are fans but dont listen right to the songs! obviously these are not the voices of eddie vedder or layne staley, eddie vedder voice is not so baritone as this and the layne staley voice is more "sick". Tool? no, i am sorry but you also don t listen Maynard here for sure!
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