I have to give a report in English in two weeks time from now.
Since I've never done this before, I have no idea what to say (I mean introduction and stuff)
So I wanted to ask if it's correct say:

"Today I'd like to give a report about..."
"I have structured my report like follows.."

does anybody know any other useful phrases?
thanks in advance ^-^
Funny, I'd have said the contrary! So many different persons, so many different reports...
To me, a written report can be stricter, introduction, development, conclusion, etc.
But when you're talking to a live audience, I think you need a catch line (right?) to attract the attention right at the beginning; when there are laughters/smiles, then the listeners warm up to you, you've established some kind of relationship, which is very important. Once you've achieved that, you're on the right track. Moreover, when listening to some kind of speech, your attention can so easily wander off, and you can't turn back the pages to the moment you switched off...
But that's only my opinion!
I agree with Mr. Micawber whether it's written or oral. In school I was taught that it's never a good idea to use phrases such as "in conclusion" or "to start off". The idea in well-written pieces is to show/demonstrate what you are saying rather than simply tell/narrate it.
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No, do not start with those phrases. It is not good form to tell your audience what you are going to do; they should realize what you are going to do by how excellently you begin it.

Start right into your topic:

'Man was not always a meat-eater. The earliest hominids had grinding teeth and an arboreal lifestyle that predisposed them to being primarily frugiverous.... etc.'

One good way to start is with a question or a humorous remark which is to the point and will attract your audience's immediate attention:

'Did you know that there are over 300,000 species of beetles? One of these species, the Cotton Boll Weevil, has had a tremendous historical impact on the American economy.... etc.'

'A funny thing happened to me on my way to give this report-- I threw up. Not because I am nervous about this presentation, but because the substance in this flask smells like rotten eggs. Sulphur dioxide is an industrial by-product which can be a serious health hazard.... etc.'

Hope this helps.


From my point of view, I think it is a good idea to start saying what you are going to explain or what you are going to do. I have read that it is quite useful specially if English is not your native language... I mean, inform of the basic structure of what you´ll be talking about during the following minutes (if you are referring to a little tallk or a lecture).

If this report is a written one, I definetely agree with Mr. Micawber.

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"If this report is a written one, I definetely agree with Mr. Micawber. "

no, actually it's an oral report (about America's part in Word War Second).
guess I should have mentioned that in the first place ^^;;
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