I am soo weak in english...pls tel me how can i improve my english vocabulary and also tell me about english literature
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I found the best way was to go to a language school!
I found the best teacher was practice. Would you agree?
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Read, read and read. and a good dictionary is a must!
Practice and reading... both excellent suggestions!
Grammar is the mother of all languages. (sounds strange, doesn't it? but I like it)
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agree Maj, I also think that grammar is extremely important if you want to master a language.
I would partially agree with Maj. Practice is great if you are training right--correct grammar, sentence structure, punctuations,etc.--because if you get used to doing things incorrectly, then you'll present yourself in your writing incorrectly too.

As for Orpheus, reading is good, but one must also need to learn how to read effectively.
I am glad to hear that there are other grammar freaks in this forum!
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