Can you please read this sentence and make it better if necessary.

Although it is mostly linked to the deals of purchase and sale in the country and abroad, negotiation is, as a respected business skill, present and acknowledged/recognized in Croatian companies.

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Antonia, it is a awkward sentence that could use improvement.
However I am concerned that the changes I have made here may have changed what it is you want to say in the context in which the sentence is written. So think about it carefuly before changing anything. For example I have not said that it is a skill recognized by companies, just that it is recognized.

Negotiation is a skill mostly used in situations of sale and purchase. It is a recognized and respected business skill both in Croatia and abroad.

Can someone else have a go? I'm interested to see how it can be done better.

Thank you Robyn Terri,

I changed it a little bit, because it is a translation.

Although it mostly relates to the situations of purchase and sale in the country and abroad, negotiation is as well a respected business skill in Croatian companies .