hi guys im daniel im new here,im from south america and i've been trying to learn english lately as much as i can,feel free to talk to me by messenger or aol im there if u want to do so,well back to my question

how would i say this:1,i wouldn't even have done that or i wouldn't have even done that

2.how can a restaurant not have what they offer u? or how can't a restaurant have what they offer u?

3.i would still have thought about it ,is it correct?

4.i wouldn't rather have seen her or i would have rather not seen her or i would rather have not seen her

5.i would rather have done or i would have rather done

6.how could i have not done what she said,is that correct?or how couldn't i have done what she said

thanks a lot for your help,i reallllyyyyy like the web and the forums they are really helpful,and remember feel free to talk to me i want to practice some english,haha
Hello there.

1 - i think both are possible and sound okay.
2 - both are okay. the first one could be used in more formal situations.
3 - yes, sounds a-ok Emotion: wink
4 - I would rather not have seen her (I'd rather not have seen her) = the only possible construction here... "rather not" stay together and come after the first of the verbs
5 - see #4... the first one works, the second one doesn't
6 - here the second one sounds better as it's less formal, and it does sound like you would say rather than write; the first would need a slight rearrangement: how could I not have done what she said (otherwise I think it sounds off although it might be grammatically aceptable if you wanted to give some kind of twisted special emphasis)

Feel free to suggest other alternatives, anyone?
thanks tomix,if anyone want to reply it would be nice,tomix if u want to talk for a while just let me know