You didn't tell him the truth, did you?

I understand it.

But what do we say in this case?

You would help me, ... you? ...;... You wouldn't lie to me, ... you?
(wouldn't you, don't you)

I have no idea and i checked some dictionaries, but to no avail.

Could you list these exceptions?

I mean shall, may, should, must an so on..

I would really appreciate it!!

thanks in advance

marci from Hungary.
If I understand you, the tag question should be opposite. Do a search on the site for "tag questions"

You would help me, wouldn't you?

You wouldn't lie to me, would you?

You do love me, don't you?

You don't hate me, do you?
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Thank you for your answer!
Of course i understand it in principle, i just thought that would is a kind of exception.
Could you let me know what to say after must and shall (or do we use it at all?)
for eg.
She may have lied to us, may not she? or what:)
and i know that after I aren't has to be used.
And there is my small pitch in addition to Avangi has said:

Let's have a pizza, shall we?

You be careful, won't you?

You don't have a luxury car, do you?

She hasn't got her hair cut, has she?

Making an informal suggest you may also say:

Have a drink, will you?
Hi guys, interesting you should bring up "shall." It seems to be the only one so far which uses two positives. F's pizza example seems clearly to work this way.

With the "be careful" example, he has two positives, but it doesn's seem natural to me. I would have said "won't you?" But I can imagine the "will you" with a different inflection.

But the luxury car example doesn't work for me at all with the two negatives.

The one with the drink is okay.

Anon - the ones I've tried with "shall" and "must" require neg./ pos. switches. BTW, I just realized that the exceptions in F's examples (pos. pos.) are because he doesn't repeat the word.

We shall go to the prom, then, shan't we?

We must give it our best effort, mustn't we?

She may have lied to us, mayn't she? (you don't hear this much, do you?)

Best regards, - A.
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Hi, Avangi. Of course there should have been "won't you?" Thank you for pointing.