Good evening to all of you!,

I'am Shamsul from Malaysia.

I have a question about English Grammar. I have tried to find the answer in an English Grammar book but still i can't get the answer.

I'am so very confused about FORM of grammar below :


As I know :

Matters is noun
Arising is Verb + ing

I know that there is an adjective like ADVANCED COUNTRY etc.
I also know about how to use the form like TIME TAKEN,OUTPUT ACHIEVED etc.

how about if I put arised matter or arising matter?

Can you tell me reasons behind of all these FORM? Would you like to suggest me which section or part in English Grammar book that i need to refer(about above form)?

Hopefully that you can help me. Since I'am very interested to learn English, i hopefully that i can keep in touch with all of you regularly.

Thank you for spending your time to read my message.
Hello Shamsul,

Nice to meet you.
I'm Yoko from Japan.
I'm not a native, but I might be able to provide information on this topic.

You are asking about 'participial adjective', right?
I've found several sites that explain it.


I think the last one is very helpful because the site has easy examples, 'barking dogs or barked dogs', 'abandoning child or abandoned child' and so on.

Maybe you will understand the reason after reading the sites listed here.
How does that sound?
Now I use 'listed' instead of 'listing',
the reason is this phrase originally means 'The sites are listed here', not 'The sites are listing (something) here'.

I'm also an English learner, I hope we can share lots of ideas with each other after this.
Glad I could be of some help.


I am also a learner of the language. But let me try.

I once found a sentence:

These are after all 'matters sensual'.

What you want to know is why in the above sentence it is written "matters sensual" and not "sensual matters". And what is the difference between their usages. right?

One of my friends described it as a poetic way of writing. Well.. may be he is right. because in the above sentence there is not much differrence between the two ways.

But I guess the type of adjective [as in "matters sensual"] may function more like a clause in some situations where as in the other [as in sensual matter] it serves simply as an attributive adjective.

let's now wait for someone who knows grammar really well.