I am a student in an american private university but i'm not that good in English.
it's my first time Ii write in forums hopefully get some help.
i need any expert teacher that could help/ my request is:
I have got some info about the conception of the topic they're about 10 pages,It's the first time they give us such a diffecult research b'coz i have to make it as short as i can my teacher want it in one paper half talks about the concept quite generaly and the rest(50% left) should be my comments and ideas about it like why and how...
I can not post it here u all know how it goes...this resource is very important to me i dont want someone to copy it or see my topic, my classmates visit this site...thats why i need your email i'm sure it will be easy to you since the main idea is easy and ive already got the resource
Dont ignore my request since you can help,please
may God bless you all
Thank you
Please read the top post in this section.

I will try my maximum
Thank you