hiiiiiiii everyone
i want some help from u
we want to make ascitch and we dont have any idea
so if u have any idea please help me
we are 7 girls and we want to make ascitch for 30 minutes or may be less .it must be an interisting idea to get ahigh mark so please help me if u can .
thank u
wich u the best
Do you mean a skit?
hi benita how are u i'm sorry i didn't reply before i was so busy
what i mean is asmall play to show on it our abilities in english and the story should have agood meaning .
thank u
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What if you were friends who were planning a surprise party for another friend? You could talk about the food and the entertainment and the gifts and what you should wear. That uses a wide range of English vocabulary.
Barbara has suggested a very good storyline and I'm sure your group won't possibly run out of ideas on this one. Keep your sentences (dialogues) short and simple in order to avoid too many grammatical errors. Good luck! Emotion: smile