Hello Everyone,

First time poster and I'm stumped on this short puzzle:

"A man in a suit lies unconscious among the rocks. Who is he? What happened?"

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Is this a riddle, or the basis for a short story?
I think it may be the basis for a short story.
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Let's make a contest!
OK - but first I must have coffee. Is the chat room up & running yet? there is never anyone there whan I try, and I feel like an idiot talking to myself!
The few times I've ever tried the chatroom, I was alone as well Emotion: sad
But now I don't seem to be able to get there, I must have PERMANENTLY refused some cookies or whatever, so...
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man on rocks:

1. He is a passenger who fell out of a plane

2. He went out to dinner last night, got lost in the fog and fell off the cliff

3. He is the victim of an attack. A bank manager stole money from his bank, and is on the run. He took a train to the coast, saw a single handed yachtsman. He knocked out the yachtsman, swapped clothes with him, and escaped in his yacht.

4. He fell off a ferry, and has been washed up on the rocks

5. He was attacked by a giant eagle, who tried to carry him to her nest, but dropped him.

6. He went for a walk on the beach in his lunch hour, slipped and hit his head on the rocks

Any more ideas, Pieanne?
First of all, is he dead or unconscious?
It says he's unconscious
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