I'am saiful from Bangladesh. I want to learn English language very well. How can I do it?
When i'm talking with English origin people , I can't put proper english word in proper place.
I'm also hesitate to start talking first.Sometimes I fail to understand their pronounciation.
How to I solve this.
Hi Saiful,

Welcome to the forums. By browsing through the topics you'll find that most of your questions have already been asked and answered by other people. In fact, the information that will help you become a fluent speaker of English is in [url="http://www.EnglishForward.com/ShowPost.aspx?PostID=22748&PageIndex=2#23609 "]this post[/url].
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hello, I'am ibrahim from Turkey. I study at a university, english teacher department. but, I don't have a lot skill about speaking, what must I do?

The important thing is making yourself understood, which you seem to be doing very well. As far as sentence structure--"putting words in their proper places"--my advice would be "Read, read, read!" Newspapers, magazines, books for young adults. This provides a different experience than conversing. You can read and reread sentences and paragraphs that might be confusing at first.
Good luck!
Orlando FL
  • If you really want to learn proper English, here are few suggestions for you:

    a. Speak more often, don’t worry about the mistakes.

    b. Be confident, avoid being anxious or nervous while speaking.

    c. Read a lot of books, newspapers, magazines: All these will help you
    to understand the language better.

    d. Listen to English songs, audiobooks, radio broadcasts etc.

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