Mistakes to avoid when treating F0 at home
- Do not arbitrarily use corticosteroids: Anti-inflammatory corticosteroids are essentially immunosuppressive drugs. When the body has a high fever, fighting fiercely against the virus, if put in corticosteroids, will suppress the body's immune system. When not having to breathe oxygen, all studies strongly recommend "Contraindicated using corticosteroids".
- Do not abuse the steam, especially the essential oil: Too much steam causes the body to lose water, lose electrolytes, and damage the respiratory mucosa. Ideally, the sauna should only be used when there is no high fever, not more than 1 time per day.
- Do not drink too much lemonade, ginger, and lemongrass: Their main ingredients are essential oils, which help support digestion. However, using too much will increase the feeling of stomach heat, and increase the risk of gastric reflux, should only drink enough, and should not be abused.
=> Too much of a good thing is harmful

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