we are organising a party but it a celebration for two ocasion so which is a right caption fo rinvitation card

it's a duet celebration occasion

A duet occasion to celebrate

A double hapiness

Please suggest if you can come up with something different!
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A duet is when two instruments or people play together.

A joint celebration or a dual celebration. Two reasons to celebrate.

("Double happiness" sounds like something on the menu or in a fortune cookie in an American Chinese restaurant.)
Thanks a lot Mr Greek for helping me
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I'm happy to help, but I'm female, and it's Geek, not Greek. Although I'd sure enjoy a trip the Greek islands!
How about something like this:

You are cordially invited to celebrate the birth of our first child and our first anniversary on March 30th 2008. The party will start at 1 pm till midnight.
Please send RSVP promptly.
We are looking forward to seeing you.
Thanks Mr Goodman for your inputs but i am specifically looking contents related to party it's a pre wedding party and also a lauch of a company it's one celebration for two occasions. if you an please help me out something on that line
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I like Mr Greek's dual celebration. Or, how about two-fold celebration?
ya thats sweet simple and straight forward I am planing to use that unless more smarter phrase pops up thank you sir fo ryour valauble comments and ya indeed two fold is not bad
I am sorry Ms Grrek for that unintentional error. and I will definetely pray to god to grant you a trip to Greek thanks a lot dear
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