Tomorrow is my writing test for the IELTS english exam.
Below, there is a topic I have to talk about but I'm not sure if I understand it right.
Can you guide me?

"As technological innovation brings about rapid changes and retraining becomes a lifelong necessity, industry should take over more and more of the responsibility for education."

Also, should I say "Sports have always been my hobby" or I should use "has", instead of "have"?
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Lavender HuynhI had the same I ideas but I dun think privite companies are mentioned here. Properly the whole industry (in general) is mentioned. Something like the industry (generally) should do more for education.And also, the target of this education is more than just their employees. This topic is quite general, I think. Nice day <3
Those are very good points. "Industry" could be contrasted with "the government" or "the people." Each of these sectors has interest in and responsibility for education.