Hi guys,

Please, I got totally stuck on the slang phrase "Hinky thing". I found just the definition of the word "hinky" at the freedictionary portal, but it doesn't make any sense to me, because according the examples, which I found via goodle, it's being used not just by the police officers....Can you please clarify me it?


- The other hinky thing about the game is its economics.

- Finally, the most hinky thing is that no incident report was filed.

- The only hinky thing about my used machine was that the air adjustment was kind of gummed up.

I heard this phrase in the season finale of Cold Case, where detectives were trying to figure out, what caused the fire in one apartment.

What's your take on the Baker Street fire, Louie? (take on something = opinion, idea)

Hinky thing? I'm seeing alligator patterns in that room right over here.

Thank you in advance for your help.

Nice weekend to all!

Try this Encarta definition. I think the second one lines up exactly with the officer's meaning.
Thank you! I put Encarta dictionary into my bookmark. Looks good.