i don't quite catch the meaning of a phrase "take home message".
who can help me.
Can you give us a little more context-- the rest of the sentence-- Oncogene? This may be 'take-home message', which would be a message intended to be taken home; or it may be telegraphic phrasing of '(please) take home (this) message'. Or it could carry another meaning; I need more information to be sure.
take home message ...>> means taking useful notices...
eg. during classes , teacher used to give lectures and some of the important notes he mentioned which students need to be ware...those important notes are "take home message"
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Then, if you are at liberty to change the name, I would call them something like 'take-home study notes', or just '(key) study notes'. A message is a short communication between two parties.
thank you.
part of the original text:

Dr. Miller says that these new, targeted therapies show a lot of potential when combined with established agents such as capecitabine or the taxanes.

Dr. Miller: I think the take-home message is that this is a time of great hope. And we have certainly shown that these agents have activity. They clearly increase response rates even in heavily pre-treated patients; they can clearly alter the vasculature of tumor in patients with locally advanced disease who are just starting therapy.
In this context, he means 'the message that everyone takes away from this'. He is talking about a belief not a written note.
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I get it. thank you all for your help.
The general idea I believe is that if you don't remember anything else, remember this. After you leave at least take this idea with you.
Is there another phrase for "take home message"
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