Thanks, David. But I think you've misunderstood my original idea.
I could give you a direction of what I wanted to express:
We have to take a lots of English text tests in school, and the teacher doesn't care whether we can speak English or not, she just wants us to get high grades.
When I ask her some English questions, she becomes unhappy. She doesn't like people to ask her questions, maybe she's afraid, I thought.
And she just wants us to write the answer as the "standard answer" that she has. (The publisher of the test paper will give teachers a copy answer for correcting.)
I can give you an example: Today, we're taking a test of vocabulary, and the question is 出現(she will read the Chinese words first and we have to write down its English), and "the answer" is "turn up" then you cannot use "show up" or "appear", even they are the same.

Thanks in advance!
You might consider this:

Thanks, David. But I think you may have misunderstood my original idea.
Let me express it another way:

We take a lot of English tests in school. Our teacher wants us to get high grades, but I don't think she really cares whether we can speak English or not.
Whenever I ask her a question about English, she seems unhappy . I think she's concerned only about whether we write down the "standard answer" (the answer that the publisher of the test has provided for the teacher).
For example, if the question is 出現 (she will read the Chinese word first, then we have to write down the English equivalent), and the publisher's answer is "turn up", she will mark "incorrect" if we write, "show up", or "appear", even though they mean the same thing as "turn up".

Thanks in advance!
Thank you so much!