Hi everyone!

Mi name is Carlos, i'm from Chile and i need to write a motivational letter for an exchange program at the University of Lund in Sweden. This is the first time i have to write something like it, and i really need some help. I will apreciate a lot any help you guys can give me.

Thanks a lot everyone.


Dear Sir or Madam,

I would like to apply for one semester as an exchange student at Lund University. I found information about this exchange agreement at the exchange student department at the Universidad de Chile.

I was born in Santigo in 1984, and I’ve live there ever since. In 2002 I applied for a six years program at the Engineering Faculty at the Universidad de Chile, and in 2004 I took the mechanical engineering choice.

During elementary and high school, I learned basic english. In the University I took all the english courses offered, but I realized that the level you get in a classroom wasn’t enought. So I joined a group of volunteers, to recieve and help people from other countries who comes to Chile for studing and turism and since then my english skills has become very high and i have had the chance to met people from many different cultures.

I have been interested in spending a semester as an exchange student since I began University. At the begining of this year I took the TOEFL test getting very good marks (257 CBT), and i got accepted at the exchange student department of my University. I decided to Lund University for several reasons. On one hand, your institution has great quality stardarts and it’s recognized for producing outstanding graduates on aplied sciences. On the other, i found that the courses offered were not just a lot, but they were also really interesting. I realized that a lot of these courses didn’t even exists in my country and that some of them could be really positive for my formation as an engineer.

Finally, as a person who loves to get to know different cultures I consider this exchange oportunity as the most beautiful experience I can have, not only for the beautiful cities and places, but because Sweden is an example to follow for those who lives in developing countries like me.

There is no education without experience they say, for me, this is the best learning experience I could have.

Thank you for taking your time in considering my application. I look forward to your positive response.

Yours sincerely

Carlos Flores
I'm learning wrtingin english.I need some exercies about unity and coherence paragraph.
Please, Is the first time i write a letter like this one, and i really need some help... maybe just an opinion or comentary.

Thanks guys Emotion: big smile